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Giving Your Pet a Piece of Home--and You Peace of Mind

In-Home Boarding

Your Pet's Personal Vacation While You're Away

We invite your "Max" or "Bella" to come and play, walk and romp, cuddle and snooze awhile! Your furry friend will play with new doggy pals, lounge around our home, and enjoy lots of play time, walks, and TLC--getting personal attention from one or more human companions.

"My Pet Lady" Sleep-Overs Are Simply the Best. When we say, "Your pet is part of our family," that means they can curl up and sleep wherever they choose. With one of our family members? You bet. In a special doggie bed? Yessiree. Wherever makes them happy--and feeling loved. It's pet care you can trust--with no worries or anxiety for you or your pet.

Just $70 per day (24 hours)
$40 each additional pet

*A $15 service fee is added to all services that fall on a major holiday

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